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SBTV (SmokeBreakTV.com) is a group of first-rate (that's "world class" for you MBAs) individuals providing entertainment for stressed, cool, fun men and women of the world. We pride ourselves in finding the humor in any awful situation (work, school, life, etc.). We have found that most people have a unique opinion on almost any subject and it is our duty to provide a conduit between people's opinions and the masses (hence, we focus a lot on discussions that happen on smoke breaks). Each member of SBTV gets to channel his/her aggression, anger, pain, bleeding heart, humor, sexual desires and/or fantasies, practical knowledge, into creativity. SBTV is already a legend in our own minds and we welcome you!

But then again, do you really need to ask? What you really need is here...

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Episode Guide to the Season One:

Episode 1: What Is SmokeBreak TV?

Eposode 2: Makin' TV

Episode 3: A Lost Phone, Nicole, and Shakespeare

Episode 4: Bathroom Humor

Episode 5: Toilet Bowl Racing


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